Meet the maker behind Ten26 Studio, Danielle Vincent.....

My name is Danielle, the lone metalsmith at the Ten26 Studio. The studio is named after my first borns' birth date 10/26. Its homage to starting a new life as a mom as well as taking the dive of quitting my "safe" job in the nonprofit world.

I'm a one woman show behind all the things that are Ten26 Studio. I'm the designer and maker as well as the photographer, editor, marketing, shipping, website design - it all lives and breathes with me.

I'm a (mostly) self taught metalsmith and for me is best way to learn things at my own pace while creating pieces that mirror my artistic vision. Because of this my jewelry is always in a constant state of evolution as I hone my skills and find new and exciting textures and techniques to work with. 

Thanks for being here!